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SANTERGO Mouse Pad (1.0-CLASSIC) Wrist Rest Ecological Ergonomic with Organic Millet Chaff, to Relieve the Wrists, Cushion Support, Easy Typing, Office, Computer, Pillow made of TENCEL® fabric

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The SANTERGO wrist rest for comfortable work with the mouse is particularly ecological and ergonomic.
The wrist rest helps for a horizontal position of the wrist, reduces the load when working with the computer mouse and provides support as well as comfort.

The fabric cover is not made of polyester, but a completely natural TENCEL fabric, which is derived from eucalyptus trees and is even more sustainable than cotton fabric.
TENCEL fabric is very comfortable on skin contact, feels silky, soft and smooth, is breathable, prevents sweating, cools when hot, warms when cold, is durable, resistant and biodegradable. There are 5 colors of TENCEL fabric: black, gray, blue, wine and cognac.

The filling is not chemical, but is made of organic millet chaff, which feels airy and comfortable, soothing and adapts to each wrist individually.
It is not too hard and not too soft either. This promotes ergonomic work and is ideal for preventing tendonitis.

The mouse pad from SANTERGO is not non-slip, but can be moved.
This ensures dynamic work and movement with the heel of the hand to avoid tension. In addition, it is lightweight, portable and can be taken anywhere.

The eco-ergonomic wrist rest from SANTERGO is designed by ergonomics specialists and tested by ergonomics experts, for comfort, health and protection when working with the mouse.
Particular attention has been paid to ecology, comfort and ergonomics, so that a sustainable product can be achieved for a better quality of life for people and the planet.